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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 Dean Nocerini 28:46 Male Bend, OR 45° F 5K
2 Craig Fullmer 29:13 Male Lower Burrell, PA 55° F 5K
Went to North Moreland park and ran around the lake. I ran it while my wife and son walked. Breezy cloudy day but great for a run.
3 Jeff Dirks 29:30 Male Bellevue, WA 49° F 5K
International H.S. Track 12 1/2 laps = 5,000 Meters.
4 Jeremy Keller 29:44 Male Everett, WA 5K
Just a nice run through my neighborhood! Some street, some trails and a few ponds!
5 Joshua Heitmann 31:19 Male Spanaway, WA 47° F 5K
Ran 3.1 miles with Faith, our boxer. It was a great run. Thankfully the rain stopped for a short time giving us a chance to run.
6 Nicholas Sasse 31:59 Male Lake Stevens, WA
The run was great, this was my first 5k ever, and it was really cool to run it my family and friends. :D
7 Keith Robinson 32:10 Male Norcross, GA 5K
At Jim R Miller Park in Marietta GA.
8 Leroy Brown 32:49 Male Everett, WA 56° F 5K
If you are going to live in the Northwest, you have to love the rain. Nice gentle rain for the beginning of the run, but got heavier toward to end to encourage our team to run faster. Great Day with Friends...2 and 4 legged!!
9 Tim Schneider 34:54 Male US 56° F 5K
10 Mark Gelhaus 35:00 Male Rosalia, WA 5K
Bruce the boxer here checking in for dad. Actually it's really mom. Dad has been sick and couldn't run. Dad felt bad. He wants to send his metal back. Mom said no. She got back on the treadmill and ran for him. Moms really tired now. I had to send lots of keep going mom thoughts from my chill spot on the couch. She did it! Dad says he'll take me for my 5k when he is better.
11 Hartley Rowland 36:57 Male Dwight, IL 5K
it was my first run since july 3rd..suffered 2 knee injuries,a badly shattered big toe and 20 days of antibiotics but decided this 5k would be my comeback run..lost the big toe nail doing the run from the shattered toe..but well worth it :)
12 Erik Hillhouse 43:40 Male Spokane, WA 49° F 5K
13 Jacob Heitmann 44:05 Male Spanaway, WA 46° F 5K
It was really hard. Dad was really fast.
14 Joseph Etelamaki 45:00 Male Shoreline, WA 54° F 5K
Good friends, good pups, good times!
15 Dave Sander 46:02 Male Seattle, WA 54° F 5K
Today I did the Mud and Chocolate Trail run. Was to be 4.5 miles but watch only says 4.15 miles, not sure why. I was pretty slow but I felt good for the entire thing. Unfortunately my dogs weren't allowed to go so I grabbed them later and we went for a nice walk. We also went to the shelter to see about adopting a new brother for them!
16 John Gurnee 47:09 Male Salem, OR 58° F 5K
A clear, sunny, but cool afternoon walk to complete a good task for an honorable cause!!
17 Jim Hashman 48:00 Male Marysville, WA 5K
18 Colin Wright 49:42 Male Ellisville, MO 61° F 5K
Terrific weather, and lots of good footsteps on the trail!
19 Katie Opie 54:34 Male bothell, WA 70° F
Beacuse I am out of town I am unable to upload my garmin from my phone to your websight. Can't even paste a screen shot to this either. I took a screen shot and sent it to doggiedashers facebook messaging. I did a half marathon in 1:57 hours. The split times are posted so roughly 54:34 for 10k. Thanks Katie
20 Ira English 55:49 Male Bellingham , WA
21 James Stripes 1:00:00 Male Spokane, WA 5K
First half done . . .
22 Roddney Saucedo 1:06:42 Male Auburn, WA 55° F 10K
Ran after work in the neighborhood, it was dark and temp was reasonable. Not one of my better 10k's but I survived.
23 Mike James 1:09:21 Male Renton, WA 53° F 5K
24 Zachary Brown 1:09:32 Male Sterling, CO 10K
25 Karol Rola-Podczaski 1:10:00 Male Tinley Park, IL 40° F 10K
Super fun! My doggies love running the trail with me and my gf.
26 Eric Lynn 1:11:20 Male Kirkland, WA 45° F 10K
Great run!! Mad my Garmin died 2 miles into my run. At least some stats for the last leg of my race. Great time for my first virtual run.
27 Patrick serafine 1:17:21 Male Austin, TX 72° F 10K
28 Christopher Gilland 1:21:09 Male Orland, CA 10K
A great run. I felt better than I did 2 weeks ago for the LetsGo510 10K and although I did some walking, it helped me to balance and still cut 2 minutes from the last 10K time.
29 Bart Collins 1:26:13 Male WA 53° F 5K
30 Sean Stiller 1:45:20 Male Hauser, ID 45° F 10K
Very wet but fun!!