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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 Darby DeHart 19:05 Female Salt Lake City, UT 27° F 5K
I did this virtual race at the same time I did another race down at Thanksgiving Point here in Utah. It was freezing cold! Glad I ran with my beanie and gloves on.
2 Amanda Whittaker 25:51 Female AZ 5K
I had one of my best runs yet!
3 Kristin Olmstead 26:27 Female Hudson Falls, NY 55° F 5K
5k run in Schuylerville, NY for the Revoluntionary Veterans. It was a beautiful trail run
4 Julie Pomainville 26:44 Female Fort Ann, NY 55° F 5K
Not my best, but not my worst. Beautiful route this morning.
5 lacey roquemore 27:02 Female aline, OK 63° F 5K
I'm training for the Tulsa Marathon, so this was an ordinary day for me. I go to my mile line and just run. I saw a lot of wild turkeys and deer since it's close to dusk. I will be leaving for a cruise tomorrow, so the 5k was a perfect distance for tonight!
6 Alyssa Tischbein 28:50 Female Lancaster, PA 5K
Ran on the treadmill to be safe since it's dark so early now!
7 jen wendel 29:11 Female Beaverton, OR 50° F 5K
Ran on a soggy, but beautiful golf course. Challenging with hills, and a previous injury, but great opportunity to persevere!
8 Vennessa Dirks 29:57 Female BELLEVUE, WA 59° F 5K
International School track
9 Amanda Lukowski 30:12 Female Whitinsville, MA 76° F 5K
10 Nancy Trejo 30:26 Female Everett, WA 51° F 5K
This run was PAW-SOME! I had a fantastic group of 9 join me and we ran on the Centennial trail in Marysville....rain held off for about half but then we got soaked, love it! And the BLING! The BEST!
11 Mara Cook Jorgensen 31:00 Female Sergeant Bluff, IA 65° F 5K
It went great! I couldn't figure out how to share a URL from SHealth. My pup, Punch, loved it!
12 Michelle Smith 31:00 Female Pittsburgh, PA 5K
13 Jessica Kimbel 31:06 Female Las Vegas, NV 63° F 5K
I participated on a Ragnar team, running 200 miles over 2 days with 11 friends on Friday/Saturday, then got up Sunday morning and did my 5K for Doggy Dashers! Not my fastest time, but after Ragnar, I was pretty proud of myself.
14 Carol Austin 31:06 Female Shoreline, WA 47° F 5K
Used same route as the Puppy Run--nice rolling route, this time streets were covered with the autumn leaves. Great event!
15 Lacey Kimbel 31:06 Female Las Vegas, NV 63° F 5K
16 Brenda Schenck 31:12 Female Tukwila, WA 5K
17 Lauren MacDougall 32:08 Female Sherman Oaks, CA 5K
18 Lynn Ritchey 32:23 Female Dardenne Prairie, MO 55° F 5K
The sun was shining BRIGHTLY...It was a gorgeous morning for a run! I reached my goal of racing today's 5K in under 33:00.
19 Kathie Gelhaus 32:29 Female Rosalia, WA 5K
Had a great 5k run on the treadmill. Boxer Bruce chilled on the couch while watching me go. He was sending awesome run faster mom thoughts! Dad couldn't participate, he is too sick.
20 Courtney Casey 33:39 Female Happy Valley, OR 5K
21 Jeri Nettles 34:28 Female Spokane, WA 34° F 5K
It was cold but had a great run! Also had a 3 mile PR!
22 Joyce Boelter 34:31 Female Coon Rapids, MN 68° F 5K
We had a good run, we did have a lot of traffic so I stopped my watch to cross a couple streets, sniffing peeps and other dogs were on the clock. I fortunate that I was able to run with my sisters dog, she was great with me. She only tried to trip me with the leash once and only had one run in with a not so friendly dog. Love the trail system they have here in Henderson Nevada, we did some d... See more »
23 Deanne Donelson 34:44 Female TX 5K
24 Lyndsay Marvin 34:45 Female Los Angeles, CA 56° F 5K
I ran with my boyfriend Tim and my dog Archie! We ran through a quiet neighborhood in Woodland Hills, California. It was in the mountains, so it was pretty cold! We had a great time. :)
25 Heidi Heston 35:15 Female Paso Robles , CA 38° F 5K
So glad I could participate and look forward to more!
26 Erika Simono 35:20 Female Marble Falls, TX 79° F 5K
This virtual 5K occurred while vacationing in Maui. Probably the most beautiful 5K I've done! Ran along the ocean, but holy humidity!!!
27 Marilyn Wolff 36:54 Female Houston, TX 58° F 5K
It was great fun. Borrowed my best friend's doggy to dash with, along with one of my running buddies. I'm sure doggy ran twice as far as we did. She was as excited about the run as I was!
28 Tracy Byers 37:25 Female Corvallis, OR 52° F 5K
First run in over 2 months- in honor of my brother and all the work he did with dogs.
29 Rachel Peterson 37:34 Female yuba city, CA 5K
30 Lorissa Cheney 38:55 Female Long Beach, CA 45° F 5K
31 Carissa Wilcoxen 39:10 Female Ozark, MO 5K
I did it in the gym after 2 months off, so not my best time, but it's better than what it could have been. :)
32 Lindsey Nicholson 40:00 Female Dover, OH 50° F 5K
The run/walk went well. It was cold outside but it was a nice and sunny out.
33 Destiny Acidera 40:08 Female US 5K
34 Misha Martin 40:08 Female Bothell, WA 50° F 5K
35 Laura Burress 40:21 Female Tacoma, WA 5K
36 Jami Zoellner 40:35 Female Vancouver, WA 5K
37 Maria B Resinski 40:38 Female Ivyland, PA 65° F 5K
Went great. Cloudy and comfortable!!
38 Sara Johnson 41:00 Female Kent, WA 5K
We (my doggie and me) just went around the neighborhood (a pre-mapped 3.5 mile run) and had a good time. Not too fast, not too slow. Stopped to drink at the water fountain in the park. Waved to some people playing basketball. Said hi to people walking their dogs. It was a good day, running with a good dog, for a good cause. No phone, no watch, no pictures - just the time we left and the ti... See more »
39 Tiffany Peniston 41:14 Female US 42° F 5K
40 Leticia Hernandez 41:38 Female Lawndale, CA 5K
41 Jennifer Hillhouse 43:40 Female Spokane, WA 59° F 5K
Super fun! Beautiful weather and great company
42 Kayla Avery 44:20 Female Clarksville, TN 5K
43 Juanita Gutierrez 44:21 Female Bakersfield, CA 62° F 5K
Ched walked/jogged 1.9 miles, I dropped him off at home and ran the rest. It was our 1st night run :)
44 Susan Corning 44:23 Female Bellevue, WA 5K
45 S. Kite 44:45 Female Everett, WA 53° F 5K
I ran with Nancy Trejo and met some new fantastic people on this run. It started raining the last half of the run but none of us were giving up!
46 mary cook 44:57 Female norwalk, IA 5K
47 Amy Etelamaki 45:00 Female Shoreline, WA 54° F 5K
Great time with great friends and amazing pups, both alum and a foster!
48 Debbie Halvorson 45:00 Female Kirkland , WA 56° F 5K
Went with 3 other friends and 5 boxers on inter urban trail.
49 Patsy Casey 45:00 Female Not, US 5K
50 Holly Porthouse Schneider 45:34 Female Bolingbrook, IL 65° F 5K
This was great. Did it with my daughter and we had a great time together. We had a slow time of 45 minutes but she kept going even with a knee that was hurting. 😃
51 Alicia Luker 46:30 Female Hinckley, IL 29° F 5K
Beautiful brisk morning. Thank god for the sun and no wind.
52 Elaine Vail 48:00 Female Mukilteo, WA 51° F 5K
53 Marcia Hashman 48:00 Female WA 5K
54 Jennifer Farris 48:01 Female Renton, WA 5K
Even my Zoey went with me!!!
55 Lisa Egtvedt 49:57 Female Everett, WA 48° F 5K
Brrr! It was colder than I expected, and it took a whole mile before my hands warmed up, but at least it didn't rain on me! :) My time would have been better if I didn't pause to take pics a few times. :D
56 Carol Miller 52:10 Female Honey Brook, PA 70° F 5K
It was a beautiful sun day. It was a great time.
57 Ashley Davidson 53:54 Female San Marcos, TX 82° F 5K
With the whole crew we had fun! Not fast, but fun.
58 Cheyenne Davidson 53:54 Female Maxwell, TX 82° F 5K
My first real race! It was hard but I didn't give up.
59 Tiffin Filion 54:24 Female Orting, WA 50° F 5K
60 Raluca Tataru 54:43 Female Kirkland, WA 52° F 10K
I really gave it all in this race! Wore my bib, got my best 5k, mile and 10k times in about a year, and enjoyed every second! At the end I put on the medal and I was as proud as at the end of any busy race. Thank you for a great experience!
61 Cheryl Krystoff 55:02 Female IL 5K
Chilly start but turned into a cool, sunny autumn day!
62 Victoria Stewart 56:15 Female Ridgecrest, CA 5K
Our weather has finally turned chilly and more fall/winter like! We enjoyed the change while still having the warm sun shine down on us!
63 Michelle Ohlson 57:06 Female Kirkland, WA 10K
I was sick over the weekend, so better late than never. I did it pushing my 5 month old daughter. Good times!
64 Lynn Merli 57:42 Female Mt. Zion, IL 55° F 10K
This run was tougher than it should have been... I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K race in Chicago yesterday (11/8) and had to get this one done today! LOL... why not?? The weather was beautiful and Wyatt and I still were able to sub-60 our 10K! Thanks for another wonderful opportunity to help animals in rescue find fur-ever homes... a cause dear to Wyatt's and my hearts. :D
65 Shawna Fullmer 57:54 Female Lower burrell, PA 55° F 5K
Pushed my son around the local park while my husband ran it.
66 Erin DeGroff 57:58 Female Warsaw, NY 65° F 10K
Ran with with my BRFs this morning at 5:00 was pretty warm and humid for this time of the year in Upstate NY!
67 Vicky Hopper 58:03 Female St Petersburg, FL 5K
Fun walk at my Local Running Store.
68 Peggy Bodner 1:00:00 Female Beaverton, OR 49° F 5K
Kind of chilly, but a perfectly dry and lovely fall evening for a walk
69 Maggie Tonkin 1:00:00 Female edmonds, WA 50° F 10K
ran around bothell with 2 of my coworkers, hence the slower time. but we are training for a half marathon and one of them is 46 (good for her!!)
70 Luanne Stanley 1:02:35 Female San Jose, CA 5K
71 Melissa DeBarr 1:02:38 Female Lynnwood, WA 10K
I ran at the gym because it was dark out and I didn't feel safe running outside in the dark. I didn't realize it had to be tracked through an app to be eligible for time based awards, but that's okay. I had fun doing it anyway! :) Especially for a run that supports fur babies!!
72 Anna Wilke 1:03:56 Female Everett, WA 10K
Ran the Centennial Trail with my 3year old running buddy and black lab, Vader
73 Lindsay Oriold 1:03:57 Female Normal, IL 10K
74 Krystal Heemeyer 1:04:57 Female Anderson, CA 57° F 10K
Running with a head cold, not recommended. Running for a good cause, highly recommended.
75 Lauren Williams 1:05:00 Female Stella, NC 10K
I was involved in a bad car accident two weeks ago. Our car was tboned and it flipped. I was pinned between my sons car seat, the side of the car and the road. Though I am dealing with some physical injuries, I asked if I could still work out and was given approval but to be cautious. Due to a separated shoulder and subluxed elbow and post concussion sympoms, I have not attempted to run b... See more »
76 Rebecca Adamson 1:05:00 Female Sammamish, WA 50° F
I went out with the dog. No Garmin. Part of my training protocol right now is to work on cadence and RPE, so I am not using HR or GPS data as not to interfere with my focus. We ran an out and back through the neighborhood, took about 1:05 so probably in the 6 or 7 mile range. Again, no Garmin. Probably 9:30 per mile at the most, training doesn't allow me speedwork at this time in the off s... See more »
77 Erin Lantz 1:05:27 Female US 45° F 5K
78 Katie Lantz 1:05:38 Female Woodinville, WA 45° F 5K
79 Christian Elser 1:06:34 Female Glendale, AZ 73° F 10K
80 Emily White 1:06:47 Female Seattle, WA 5K
81 Virginia Nickelson 1:07:00 Female Everett, WA 10K
Ran on the treadmill at 5.3 miles per hour with 3, one minute breaks.
82 Tiffany Olson 1:07:01 Female Federal Way, WA 5K
I had a blast walking around the Magic Kingdom this morning! Of course I had to celebrate my accomplishment with Mickey's top dog, Pluto!
83 Kim Collings 1:07:58 Female auburn, US 55° F 10K
Nice run.....did 10 miles total as I'm getting ready for a half marathon. Did a new route which was nice, but didn't see one dog! I usually see a lot and pause my watch to pet each of them :) I will have to go back to the old route for sure!
84 Lori Cyprien 1:08:18 Female Corona, CA 77° F 10K
85 Amber James 1:09:21 Female Renton , WA 53° F 5K
We did it at coulon beach park in the dark and the rain.
86 Jillian Zbilut 1:10:00 Female Tinley Park, IL 40° F 10K
Great experience, can't wait until the next one!
87 Stacey Legg 1:11:16 Female Everett, US 10K
This was a wet muddy trail run and it rained the whole time. I loved it!
88 Katie Craven 1:12:48 Female Fife, WA 57° F 10K
Despite rain and not feeling great, I got it done!
89 Denese Miller 1:14:32 Female Spokane, WA 5K
My teammate/daughter, our dogs, Tony and Pepper, and I dashed around our neighborhood on Five-Mile having a great time showing off our Dasher Bling.
90 Sarah Bauguss 1:14:51 Female Fulshear, TX 72° F 10K
I always forget to add extra time into my estimate when running with my dog. Potty breaks, photo ops ( darn photo contest, ha!), meet and greets, etc. It was a great run though, and the weather cooperated just in time!
91 Robyn Highbarger 1:14:51 Female Spokane, WA 48° F 5K
Walked around Riverside state park in Spokane Washington. Good time with friends and pets :)
92 Deanne Tanksley 1:24:21 Female Natchez, MS 68° F 10K
Pouring down at the end! Had two dogs, Doozer and Gabby, wanting to go so each ran a 5K with me. We had a great time!
93 Tiffany DeBarr 1:25:24 Female Lynnwood, WA 10K
My run was pretty good. My sister and I made it a mini-event, going to the gym and rocking it out on the treadmills. We feasted on mini pizzas and cream soda before returning to the warm, soft, cuddle buddies who ran to the door to greet us! Those faces are the best rewards!!
94 Ronni Collins 1:26:28 Female WA 53° F 5K
We had a great time dadhing for dollars for NWBR!
95 Maryann Jakubczyk 1:30:00 Female Sarasota, FL 79° F 10K
This year I thought it would be a great challenge for my dog to try the 10k, (we did the 5k last year) much to my surprise he did really well. Since we live in Florida, I split the run/walk into two intervals. Part one was early in the morning and Part two was that evening when it was a bit cooler. He was a real trooper!!!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to join this event. Looking forwar... See more »
96 Savannah Miller 1:30:00 Female Spokane , WA 40° F 10K
97 Jodie Davies 1:30:17 Female Johnstown , OH 55° F 10K
This was my 2nd 10k and it felt awesome! Thankful to be able to support boxer rescue!
98 Sarah Aguilar 1:31:31 Female Oak View, CA 80° F 5K
This is the farthest I've walked since my accident 4 years ago! Thank you for motivating me!
99 Jill Wert 1:36:00 Female Battle Ground, WA 50° F 5K
My run/walk was a lot of fun. Enjoyed being outside. And lucked out with no rain and had a beautiful sunny day to do this on.
100 Michelle Hoffman 1:42:00 Female Everett, WA 46° F 10K
101 Tara Sanderson 1:46:55 Female Newberg, OR 10K
Was on the elliptical watching Anastasia! I forgot what a cute puppy Pooka was!!
102 Rhonda Martin 1:53:12 Female Sterling Heights, MI 53° F 10K
103 Darlene Satchell 1:54:55 Female Springfield, OR 10K
Walked from my house to my daughters. My goal was all at one time and we did itMy boxer Diesel is an awesome walking partner
104 Bethann Smith 2:00:00 Female West Terre Haute, IN 58° F 10K
I know I won't win for fastest or longest. I've come to realize sometimes being out and moving is about mental health. I'm thinking there should be a category for the most peaceful. After a long day of haggling at a crafts fair (I make my own all natural hand creams and lip balm), I was really too tired to do anything but couch it. My dog was super hyper and would not let the issue rest. I... See more »
105 Teri Stripes 2:00:00 Female Spokane, WA 10K
Finished our 10K today!
106 holly pedersen 2:00:00 Female Portland, OR 80° F
Climbed 8 miles, 2,102 ft in elevation, to Observation Point in Zion National Park as my Doggy Dasher event. It took about two hours as it was hot, thin air, and a million switchbacks.
107 Julia Trobaugh 2:30:00 Female Oak harbor, WA 52° F 10K
Jack and I had a great time walking along the beach, watching the geese and other dogs. We miss Monty terribly but it was good to be out. Windy and rainy, we could smell winter coming...can't wait to see Jack play in the snow!